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About Tenterfields


Australia's newest breed

In 2002 the Tenterfield Terrier became an official Australian breed and since then these little dogs have gone from strength to strength. 

The Tenterfield Terrier is one of a small group of dog breeds that can have pups born with a naturally short tail known as a natural bob tail.  As long as one parent has the natural bob tail gene (which has now been identified), pups within the one litter can have a variety of tail lengths from almost no tail to a full (or long) tail.  Pups born with a natural bob tail do not suffer any genetic problems due to the presence of the gene. 

Temperament is friendly and active.  Tenterfields have a life span of 12-14 years, are low maintenance and recommended for families with young children and for the elderly.

National Show News.

The National Show information can be found under the History tab.
The next National Show will be held by the Tenterfield  Terrier Club of Queensland in August 2016.  We wish the all the best for this exciting event.

Our Next Event 

1. Sunday 21 July at Bribra Lake in Coolbellup (near Adventure World), from 10 am to 1:30 pm. 

The Club is willing to re-house Tenterfields.  Members often take on dogs that are handed in for a variety of reasons and all find new loving homes. 

Tenterfield Terriers are a big talent in a little package.  They are the ideal house dog, they love being with the family, need little room indoors and can adapt to a small yard.  

Member Info

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Survey of 'blue' coloured Tenterfield Terriers

The National Tenterfield Terrier Council is conducting a survey and would appreciate any feedback on any 'blue' dogs you may have owned or bred.  View the survey.

A little mate with a heart as big as Australia, a dog for people aged from 1 to 100.  A dog the whole family can share and enjoy. One that is hardy, outgoing, loyal and bold.

Tenterfield Terrier Club of Western Australia

The preferred height is around 28 cm (11 inches).  The weight should be in proportion to the dog.  The coat is easy to care for as it is a short, smooth, single coat.

Colours of the breed include:

White and tan

White and black

White and liver

White and blue

White, black and tan

White, liver and tan

White, blue and tan